Prix EGOS Book 2019 pour Philippe Lorino

Félicitations à notre collègue Philippe Lorino, qui a remporté le EGOS Book Award 2019, décerné par l’European Group for Organization Studies – l’un des prix le plus convoités en sciences de l’organisation !

Philippe Lorino: Pragmatism and Organization Studies Winner of the 2019 EGOS Book Award

Many streams of research in organization and management have criticized the mainstream view of organizations as information-processing structures, controlled through rational representations. In spite of their differences, these critical streams of research share some key theoretical principles: The processual view of organizing as ‘becoming’, the exploratory and inquiring nature of organizing, the emphasis on the key role of action and action meaning, the interest in the agential power of artefacts and objects, and the interactional or dialogical view of sociality.
This book argues that Pragmatist thought can contribute to those approaches by offering key theoretical resources, both as a general mindset and as a conceptual toolbox. As a general mindset, Pragmatism develops a radical critique of all the dualisms which often hinder organization studies: Thought / action, design /utilization, decision /execution, reality /representation, individual /organizational, to name a few. Pragmatism approaches organizing processes as a form of living and situated experience. As a conceptual toolbox, Pragmatism contributes key concepts for organization and management studies, such as inquiry, habit, semiotic mediation, abduction, trans-action, and valuation.
The book presents the key pragmatist notions and systematically illustrates them with concrete empirical cases. In this way, it makes them more accessible to organization and management scholars and reflexive managers, both to theorize organizations and to transform managerial practices.

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