Parution: “Pragmatism and Phenomenology. A Metaphilosophical Reconsideration” EJPAP — XIV-2 | 2022

European Journal of Pragmatism
and American Philosophy

Latest Issue

Symposia. Pragmatism and Phenomenology. A Metaphilosophical Reconsideration

Edited by Jason Bell and Danilo Manca

♦ Jason Bell and Danilo Manca, “A Meta-Philosophical Introduction to the Encounter between Pragmatism and Phenomenology

♦ Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley, “Josiah Royce: A Neglected Figure and a Valuable Resource in Mining the Pragmatism/Phenomenology Interactions for Current Philosophical Inquiry

♦ Jason Bell, “Is Husserl a Pragmatist? Reflections on the Conception of Habit

♦ Claudia Cavaliere, “Redefining the Synthetic a Priori: Sellars’ Via Media Between Pragmatism, Phenomenology, and Logical Empiricism

♦ Ondřej Švec, “Things as Pragmata: The Primacy of Practice in Jan Patočka’s Phenomenology

♦ Shaun Gallagher, “Phenomenology and Pragmatism: From the End to the Beginning

♦ Catherine Legg and Jack Reynolds, “Habits of Mind, New Insights for Embodied Cognition from Classical Pragmatism and Phenomenology

♦ Danilo Manca, “The Situated Mind and the Space of Reasons: On the Match and Mismatch between Pragmatism and Phenomenology

* * *


♦ Christian Frigerio, “Virtualizing Pragmatism: Deleuze’s Metaphysics of Power

♦ Monika Gruber, “Ramsey’s Theory of Belief

♦ Michael J. Shaffer, “Integrating Abduction and Inference to the Best Explanation

* * *


♦ Giovanni Battista Armenio and Rocco Monti, “An Interview with Carlo Sini

* * *


Symposium on Mathias Girel’s L’esprit en acte

Edited by Michela Bella and Angélique Thébert

♦ Michela Bella and Angelique Thébert, “Introduction au Symposium sur Mathias Girel, L’esprit en acte. Psychologie, mythologies et pratique chez les pragmatistes, Paris, Vrin, 2021

♦ Claudia Cristalli, “Pragmatisme: une philosophie pour philosophes?

♦ Olivier Tinland, “Nuances, ambiguïtés et ambivalences des pragmatistes

♦ Louis Quéré, “Comment concevoir le pouvoir de l’habitude?

♦ Mathias Girel, “Réponses à Claudia Cristalli, Olivier Tinland et Louis Quéré



♦ Martín Eduardo De Boeck and Ivan Vladimir Gravriloff, “La concepción de información de Peirce entre 1867-1869

* * *

Book Reviews and Critical Notices

♦ Luigi Russi, “Critical notice of Brian Kemple, The Intersection of Semiotics and Phenomenology. Peirce and Heidegger in Dialogue, Boston / Berlin, De Gruyter, 2019

♦ Camille Ferey, “Review of Justo Serrano Zamora, Democratization and Struggles Against Injustice. A Pragmatist Approach to the Epistemic Practices of Social Movements, London and New York, Rowman & Littlefield, 2021

♦ Fabienne Forster, “Review of Trevor Pearce, Pragmatism’s Evolution: Organism and Environment in American Philosophy, Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, 2020

♦ Paul Showler, “Review of Giancarlo Marchetti (ed.), The Ethics, Epistemology, and Politics of Richard Rorty, London, Routledge, 2021

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