Gestures: new meanings for an old word

- Call for Conference - Over the past few years, the concept of gesture has been discussed in numerous scientific and philosophical fields. The concept promises an overcoming of hyper-intellectualist conceptions of the human being, and its ascendancy has reaffirmed the importance of the pragmatic, relational dimension in human experience and cognitive processes. The contemporary … Continuer de lire Gestures: new meanings for an old word

Women In Pragmatism

Les chercheuses pragmatistes ont été mises à l’honneur à Barcelone à la fin du mois dernier, lors de la toute première conférence pragmatiste exclusivement organisée et portée par des femmes et personnes non-binaires. La conférence, organisée par Núria Sara Miras Boronat à l’Université de Barcelone les 28, 29 et 30 janvier 2020, est l’aboutissement d’une … Continuer de lire Women In Pragmatism

Appel à participation

Experience :: Music :: Experiment Pragmatism and Artistic Research 13-14 February 2020 Orpheus Institute (Ghent, BE)  “Truth happens to an idea.” So wrote William James in 1907; and he continued “[truth] becomes true, is made true by events.” James was not thinking of musical performance or of artistic research, but his assertion would seem to apply equally or more so to … Continuer de lire Appel à participation

Call for Papers – The Reception of American Pragmatism in Europe

It is a common assumption that at least until the middle of the 20th century philosophical exchange between Europe and North-America has merely been a one-way street, with Europe on the giving side and North-America on the receiving side of the relationship. In fact, early North-American philosophy is unthinkable without European philosophical traditions such as … Continuer de lire Call for Papers – The Reception of American Pragmatism in Europe

Call for conference : « 150 Years of Pragmatism »

Department of Contemporary Western Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences invites to the international conference : "150 Years of Pragmatism" Moscow, October 30, 2018 The conference aims to advance understanding of the history of American pragmatism and its relevance to contemporary debates in philosophy, social sciences and humanities. Questions to be discussed: ● classical pragmatism and … Continuer de lire Call for conference : « 150 Years of Pragmatism »