« Pragma » Annual Conference – 18th November

Habits and Culture "Pragma" Annual Conference November 18th, 2022 - Roma Tre University FILCOSPE, Via Ostiense 234 (Sala Elio Matassi) and online : Zoom link: https://maastrichtuniversity.zoom.us/j/99711910821 For info: guido.baggio@uniroma3.it; t.viola@maastrichtuniversity.nl 14:00 Introduction and Greetings Roberto Brigati (Bologna), President of Pragma 14:10 - 16:10 Young Pragma Scholars Session Chair : Guido Baggio (Roma Tre) 14:10 - … Continuer de lire « Pragma » Annual Conference – 18th November

Appel à contribution : « Reimagining Tradition through Pragmatist Inquiry for Better Futures »

39th EGOS Colloquium 2023 - Organizing for the Good Life : Between Legacy and Imagination University of Cagliari July 6-8, 2023 - Cagliari, Italy Sub-theme 66: Reimagining Tradition through Pragmatist Inquiry for Better FuturesOver its 150-year history, Pragmatist philosophy has been influential in the social sciences and has recently been helpful in addressing questions regarding the dynamic … Continuer de lire Appel à contribution : « Reimagining Tradition through Pragmatist Inquiry for Better Futures »

Gestures: new meanings for an old word

- Call for Conference - Over the past few years, the concept of gesture has been discussed in numerous scientific and philosophical fields. The concept promises an overcoming of hyper-intellectualist conceptions of the human being, and its ascendancy has reaffirmed the importance of the pragmatic, relational dimension in human experience and cognitive processes. The contemporary … Continuer de lire Gestures: new meanings for an old word

Women In Pragmatism

Les chercheuses pragmatistes ont été mises à l’honneur à Barcelone à la fin du mois dernier, lors de la toute première conférence pragmatiste exclusivement organisée et portée par des femmes et personnes non-binaires. La conférence, organisée par Núria Sara Miras Boronat à l’Université de Barcelone les 28, 29 et 30 janvier 2020, est l’aboutissement d’une … Continuer de lire Women In Pragmatism

Appel à participation

Experience :: Music :: Experiment Pragmatism and Artistic Research 13-14 February 2020 Orpheus Institute (Ghent, BE)  “Truth happens to an idea.” So wrote William James in 1907; and he continued “[truth] becomes true, is made true by events.” James was not thinking of musical performance or of artistic research, but his assertion would seem to apply equally or more so to … Continuer de lire Appel à participation